26 August 2005

Back to School

but not for me, just yet.

My guy is starting his second year in the PhD program.  Yea!!   He is soooooooooo busy, and yet maintains 4.0 gpa.  Amazing.

My mom, she is amazing, too.  Back in December 95, the sewing factory that she worked for, closed.  Actually, it was padlocked.  They lost all their contracts to Mexico and other countries.

This was due to the trade agreement.  NAFTA also had provisions that if you lost your job because of the agreement, ie contracts were taken overseas or to Mexico, then you might be able to qualify for 18 months of retraining.  Mom checked into it, urged others too.

Mom did qualify, so she returned to school and earned her Associate's when she was 50.  She then picked up and packed up and cleared out and headed South from PA.  She lived in the Smoky Mnts for years and then moved to Arkansas.  She now lives in the Ouchitah Mnts (which are the only ones to run east west).

Now, she is re-entering school.  Starting with the local community college this term, she hopes to transfer (she's already checked into which credits and classes will transfer) to the university at Fort Smith so she can get her Bachelor's.  The timing ought to coincide nicely with her 60th birthday.

My mom, the scholar.

I am proud of her.  I also am proud of my guy.  And I am sorta living vicariously through them when it comes to academics.  Cuz I'm proud of where I am RIGHT now, and I feel that I need to only focus on NAMI for the time being.

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  1. I am so proud of you, honey.  We will get there...together.




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