30 August 2005


I simply cannot be scathing enough.

The Herald-Times of Bloomington, Indiana reports that a woman faked cancer, not once, but twice.


Alright, so Brookelyn Walters, now 26 first scammed folks when she was a student at Ball State in Muncie.  She shaved her head and acted as though she were deaf for three years.  The university provided translators for her classes, as well as note-takers.  Sororities and fraternities raised over one thousand dollars to her benefit.

Walters pleaded guilty, but claimed mental illness.  Therefore the courts sentenced her to four years of probation.  I am so peeved.

Earlier this year, Walters moved to Bloomington and takes a job working with a local gymnastic company.  She again claims she has cancer.  Shaves her head.  The owners of the company (her bosses) let her live with them for a month.  Her hair begins to grow back and she tells the five year old daughter of her hosts that her prayers have worked.

The business owners raise over four thousand dollars for her care.  Walters informs them that she needs emergency brain surgery and they accompany her to the hospital.  Whereupon a doctor said that Walters told him that she was in remission, having received treatment in France.

So the kind folks are beginning to think something is off kilter, or hinky, as a good friend of mine likes to say.  So they do a bit of research on the net, and lo and behold! they discovered the Muncie caper Walters pulled in the past.  They were very hurt.

It's crap like that that reminds me that there are fraudulent folks who go beyond any definition of being mentally ill.  This sick puppies go all the way into psychopaths whom have no empathy, no sense of morality, and will continue to hurt others to their own benefit if allowed.  This is just wrong.  I'm frustrated beyond belief at the moment.


  1. Yes, it does sound awful, you should try living it,she was very good at it and fooled many people....Someone who knows her well

  2. i am 13 years old and my mom (boxerlover) was very good friends with her.  We NEVER even thoght she was faking it. We took her to amusment parks and we let her into our family and they loved her. We thought she was , ya know, dying so we took her in.  Not be cause she was sick just because she was a sweet girl. Anyways.  We never even saw the red flags until after is happened. Like hand written labels on her medicin, Taking dang near two hours in the bathroom, like she had much to do , or os we thought.  This woman was very convincing and i mean she had no hair !!! we thought she puked after every meal!!!! all fake.. well anyways ... i just cant beleive..... broken in Indiana

  3. I was her best friend at Ball State.  I spent nearly every night with her, drove her to the hospitals in Indy almost every other day, invited to my parents' home, found money to give her when she needed help... the list goes on and on.  I held her hand while she had seizures, I injected fluids into a port in her arm.  I picked her up from the hospital with her in a hospital gown, holding onto an IV pole saying she was rushed to the ER the night before.  I shaved my head for 8 months in a show of solidarity when I got the call from the detective.  You read articles about how she shaved her head and pretended to be deaf.  That doesn't begin to cover it.  I became fluent in ASL so I could keep talking to her.  I ruined countless friendships because of the time she took and I hadn't had a date in years when I found out the truth.  We were best friends for 3 years.  Those 3 years were the toughest years of my life due to other things going on and she was so compassionate and understanding.  So the feeling of betrayal when I found out the truth...  words just can't describe it.  Then I hear that all she gets is probation and community service.  No therapy, no counseling...  And here's the shocker, she did it again.  Maybe now they will do something that will really help.  I'd start with locking her in a hospital for a very, very, very long time.  There she can pretend to be sick to her heart's delight and innocent people like me, my friends from Ball State, and the Boohers won't have to risk the hurt ever again.


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