29 August 2005

Posting by candle-light

oh yes, i can just imagine telling my nonexistant grandchildren...

I remember in ought-five, musta been august (wadn't it hunny?  hunny?  I saw wadn't that storm in august?)....well, ya, so i lived out'n the country on this here farm.  there weren't no street lights but that wadn't neither here nor there...cuz we all lost our power..  yep sure nuf did.  and since using the phone to calll others was a pain in the rumpus *that there is latin for yer bootee* on accounta all the noise of the wind, rain, and such....well then i just lit some candles booted my trusty laptop and got online.  just so i could post an entry to my journal.  cuz THAT'S where my priorities are.


  1. LOL, long as you have them straight...who can argue???


  2. Your vernacular is wonderful.....hope the grandkids enjoy it as much as I did.  Anne


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