30 August 2005

Sometimes it pays...

Regular readers might remember my long battle with the phone company.  Well, in brief, to summarize...basically my service would be interrupted for seemingly no reason, with no systematic predictable rythms, such as wind blowing, rain, etc.  So, it got to the point that when I'd call, my phone company's operators would IMMEDIATELY transfer me to the supervisor.  Eventually they came out and realized, huhn, how about that, the crazy girl ain't so crazy, loose connectors and termite ridden poles have played major roles in disruption of her service.  OOooops, egg on our condescending faces.

So, the buried my phone line.

Which means that I had phone service while no one else in my area did.  Cuz I have the phone company which no one else in this area does.  And cuz I was a royal pain in their ass til they fixed it and fixed it but good.  I mean, burying the line sure enough cuts down on chances that it'll get blown down, or that a tree will tear it down or or or....

so, sometimes it pays to be persistantly pesky.

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  1. LOL   way to show 'em.

    Don't mess with Debra!!!!!!!!



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