28 August 2005

Two of my favorite foods

I have never before today tried these two foods in combination, at the same meal.  But I love liver.  Usually with onions.  But I didn't have any onions.  I've never cooked liver before, but I thought, give it a shot and the worst that can happen is...that I ruin it and have to chuck it in the garbage.

I love mushrooms (not THAT kind, sillee dude(tte)s).  So this morning, I sauteed some mushrooms (a friggen quart, I always tend to go, oh! gee, I don't know if this pint basket with be enough, better get two) and garlic in butter.

I rinsed and cut the liver into smaller pieces, trimming casing, fat, and tube stuff.  Then the mushrooms came outta the pan, a sprinkle of parmesan, and set them aside.  Add a bit more butter (doesn't this just sound soooooooooo healthy?) and quick fry up that liver.

In just a jif I was through.  The liver went in with the mushrooms.  I consumed it all, except one piece of the liver (because my Shaddow deserves a treat every now and then, and she IS such a good girl).  I cannot give Ziggee people food, cuz he is a little guy and his digestive system is not equipped to handle even the smallest smidge of cheese, or the tiniest bit of pan-drippings on his dry kibbles.  Ziggee's belly will actually emit loud rumbling sounds, which he sleeps right through.  Then a horrible stench will fumigate the room, causing me to stagger from the study wheezing, with tears streaming down my face.  It so is not a pretty picture.

But anyway, the mushroom and liver combo was pretty tastee, if I do say so myself.  My mother would cringe, as those are two of her least favorite foods.  But I ain't my mom.



    I do that too, either it's WAY too much, or WAY not enough...LOL.  You needed some good food after feeling so bad.



  2. OK, this meal made me jealous...you even SAY the word liver around here, and out you go! I love that meal. Never tried it with mushrooms,. but you can bet I will



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