05 August 2005

sthanx for all the mammorees

Last year, in my original AOL journal, I was severely frightened by the discovery of lumps in my breasts.  It started out quite routine.  I went for my yearly pap, the nurse practioner was doing my breast exam which usually goes with a pap.

I noticed that while we were conversing for a time, she was palpitating one spot for a very unusually long time.  Like so long we made it all the way through 5 or 6 different topics.  And this is in Mississippi where we speak slower than the national average.

She said something like, "hmmmmmmmm hm, no, no I can't say as a like the feel of this."

I replied with, "no, I'm not liking it too much either."  I meant the continues poking and prodding, cuz I am a lumpee-bumpee person and always have been.  That's why I was not overly concerned about a lump or two in the breastages.

Then there was a bunch of other talk and setting up of appts with consulting surgeons and such.  Whoaaaaa. k.

So, during the manuel exam at the surgeon's office, he discovered a few more suspicious lumps.  I went for a mammogram and they found all sorts of things to alert the doc about.  During the ultrasound (I did not know they do ultrasounds on breasts, but it makes sense, I just didn't know, ya know?), we plotted (yes, I said PLOTTED) six major sacks.  Three in each breasts.  And a multitude of pebble-like grit, the size of um pebbles.

So Dr. Han Some consults with another Dr.  They agree that in all likelihood, these sacks are lumps, of the lumpee-bumpee kind.  We'll just keep an eye on em.

So we did.  Six months later, I went back for another feel me  up courtesy of Dr. Some.  Now we are at a year.

Yesterday, I went in to have the mammogram.  I was singing the Hokey Pokey because it really is what it's all about.  The nurse fit me in, tucked here, pulled there, tilted this way, ok, move your CHIN up and to the left (cough twice, no just kidding, threw that in to see if you were paying attention).

She said that I was a real trooper.  Holding up admirably well (shoulda seen me when I was younger, I held up even better, perky even, ya might say).  And because she liked me so well, she tipped the proverbial radiologist's hand.

Cuz they really aren't spoda tell ya.  Cuz that's the doc's job.  But, hey, I'm looooking gooood.  Nosignificant changes from last year.  Keeeewwwwwwl.

Still, I will keep my doc appt on the 23rd, when he squirts boob-lube on me and using his wand.......oh, yeah, that's the ticket baby.

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  1. Yeah for the looking good! I've never liked those manual exams either. I have very sensitive glans and some times it hurts like a mother for them to do it. Yuck this just reminded me that I've got one coming up later this month. Oh well!
    :-) ---Robbie


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