06 June 2008

that's the price of snobbee-cell-phone use, biotch

While I was out running my errands today, I realized that I had not mailed an envelope that I had meant to weeks ago.  So I went in the post office to buy stamps and also to mail off that note.  There was a short line, which since there is always a line at the post office (it's a government mandate), I was just glad that it was short.  The rather impatient self-important snotty i-clearly-don't-deserve-to-wait-with-all-you-people-tsk well-dressed, coiffed, made-up, manicured woman snatched up her ringing cell phone and commenced to have a very loud conversation all the while eying the rest of the customers and the two employees with profound distaste.

In fact, when it was her turn, she held up her wait-a-minute finger to the employee and then quickly spat 'out a book of stamps' and placed a twenty dollar bill on the counter.  When she received her stamps, she fished in her bag (not a purse, it was definitely her very fashionable 'bag'), turned on her tidy little bony high-heel and strutted out.

The clerk did not raise her voice to call after her, but very conversationally said, "would you want your change then?"  No one else in the line called out to get the lil snott's attention either.  Cuz twelve dollars in change?  That's the price you pay for snobbee cell-phone usage.

Kenya say, "comeuppance"?


  1. Well.............I hate listening to anybody's conversation, but I have heard way too much at the post office.  I think it's great that she left her change and I hope she is too other-wise occupiced to even figure it out.    Anne

  2. If only it had been a fifty....then you could have all gone out for beers after closing!



  3. I can say it!  Oh, and I can wish the postal clerk gave you the change instead!

  4. That is soooo fucking awesome!  THIS made my day.


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