03 June 2008

hot makes me cranky

Yesterday, I heard a knock, so I went to the door and saw no one.  So I hollered, "hello?" and my landlord hollered back, "push the foam".  I immediately did as he asked, and pushed the foam.  Wouldn't you?

So yes, I now have a brand spankin' new air conditioner that seems to be working just fine, able to handle the fact that it is covering an open space of two rooms, the fact that it is in the kitchen, and the fact that there is poor insulation here in the trailer (what trailer does not have poor insulation, I ask of you).  I'm sitting pretty.  And cool.  And much more pleasant to be around.


  1. Yes, cool and happy!  Good for you.  :)

  2. Cool is GOOD, hot is not...............cool helps the headaches.  I long ago learned the helpfulness of baby powder.............it's not just for babies ya know!   Anne

  3. Poor insulation?  I always thought the thing with trailers was that they had NO insullation.


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