06 June 2008

my fridge thawth out

SO the other day, after I made my tea, I went back to bed.  I wasn't feeling so good.  Nothing new, just one of those days when I feel off.  When I awoke, I stumbled to the kitchen to pour myself a cuppa ambition, yawn'n stretch'n try to come alive...oh, wait, that would be if I was workin' nine ta five.

I opened the fridge and noticed my light was out and thought, 'crap, another light bulb to replace' cuz in the past few weeks, I've replaced six light bulbs and I only have ten light bulb sockets in the first place.  Then I realize that there is a funky offal oder wafting outta my dark dank fridge.  And then I opened the freezer, and the ice block from the roof fell and shattered into lots of little ice shards, spraying onto the floor, melting into lil puddles instantaneously.

I had to toss ev.ry.thing in the fridge, tho managed to save some stuff in the freezer (tho I am thinking the meat ought to be tossed, rather than chancing it).  Ev.ree.thing.

The silver lining?  I've never seen my fridge look so nice and clean.  And I needed to defrost my freezer anyway.

Earlier today, I went to the store, spent $162-and-some-change out of the available $165 dollars I had left over after paying rent, electricity, garbage (ya know, those essentials; the phone bill will wait til next month.  sigh).  Leaving me with two bucks and some change, cuz damn can I budget or what?!?  Lots of fresh veggies, eggs, milk, etc.  yea!!  I'm a healthy girl!!


  1. Sounds like you'll be living like a college student for a few weeks -- that can okay sometimes.


  2. Oh, that stinks but gee, clean is good, right?

  3. SOOO.... it sounds to me like the Fridge stopped working...
    what's up with that?


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