05 June 2008

Lisa's Thank-You Afghan

 Well, what started out as a small but heartfelt gift for Lisa (my landlady) to thank her for all the extras (like feeding my dogs, on those times when I do go elsewhere, like up to Oxford to visit my guy in his habitat) quickly grew into a larger more intricate project as seen here.  It started a couple weeks ago as a lapghan and is now an afghan that will generously fit her king-sized bed with a good overlap as all serviceable covers should have.  There is nothing quite so irritating as a blanket that just barely fits over the top over the mattress, unable to adequately cover the sleeping contorted form of two persons.  Especially if you are like me, where you like to tuck in plenty of extra around your ears and shoulders and a few inches tucked under you as well, making you into a sort of burrito with hair sticking out the top, propped on a pillow, emitting strangling gurgles which some call 'snores' but which I call 'sound slumber'.

Lisa loves colors, nice and bright cheery colors.  Lots of them.  And so I was liberal with the sunny yellow, the lime green, the deep orange, the too purple, the hottest pink, and the electric blue.  She also like combinations of texture and patterns, so I used lots of extra little bobbles and faces and bows and spirals and poofy puffs along with slip, chain, single, double, half-double, and treble stitches in rows and rounds and rounds within rounds.  Terribly busy sounding, but quite visually pleasing I think.  It brings to mind a sort of tropical theme.

Entirely too loudly cheerful for me, but perfect for her!


  1. I wish I could see the colors more brightly ... but I am quite sure from looking at it in this picture that she will love it!!!

  2. Into everybodys life must fall, a little red, now and then.  Ya did good!  Anne


    LOVE the burrito analogy.  I'll be smiling as I fall asleep tonight for sure!


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