24 June 2008

it's the butler! behind the door! with the poker!!

I've been listening to an audio book which has a good plot and several good subplots and good characters and is just in general, good.  With the exception that there are some glaringly obvious (to me, anyway) events that make me wanna scream at the principle figures, "dudes!  don't be some dumb!  d'uhm dudes, d'uhm".

Normally stuff like that doesn't bother me.  I note it, but don't get all in a snit about it.  But here of late, I've been very irritable (and probably irritating too).  And I've been sniping at the cd, very much like I'm some crazed driver rabid with road rage.

Good thing my guy's not here.


  1. Yeah!  You fookin' bitch from Hell!!!  (Like you belive that).  You've been fun as usual lately which means you're always "irritable" or you're never "irritable."  


  2. Lately I've been irritated with people stating the obvious. When they do that you want to ask them if you have DUMB stamped on your forehead. Especially when they point out things that are so clear, a child could beat them to the punch in pointing it out.(Hug) Indigo

  3. Maybe you guy not being there is why you are sniping at the CD.  Think on that a while, would ya?   You miss him.  Even though you are busy going in and out of the bathroom ...

  4. I think you underestimate Col. Mustard!   Anne


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