20 June 2008

Sometimes, I ain't all there. Or here, for that matter.

Yeah so last week, I realized that I was getting low on my meds.  But because my allowable refills all have different date and I hate that, cuz it confuses me when I go and they say to my monkey-butt (thanks, jerb) that I need to wait on these two til this date and this here other one to this here date and oh! that one doesn't even have a refill, ya twit.  well, then i can't keep it all straight.  i like it better when my Rxs all have the same number of refills and were filled on the same date and so can be refilled on the same date.

Yeah so, when I realized I was getting low on my meds, last week (pay attention); I dug around in my overflow and lo! and behold! I found enough meds of the right sort in the right dosages to last me til I can go and get everything refilled at once.  by "overflow", i mean those extra days worth of pills that you have every month that most prescriptions have built into them, as extra padding.  I take a lot of meds, for a long time, so I've got me my cushion fluffed nice and full.  Just for times like these.

'xepting, I didn't have extra-overflow-padding-cushion of one med.  and i wasn't paying attention cuz i had it all set up with the others.  ya know, my own lil six pack system, with the bottles lined up according to when i take what.  i've tried those lil pill sorters and all, but they actually goof me up worse cuz i don't see when i'm getting low.

well, that one med?  the one i didn't have?  the one i finished friday?  (k, i didn't say that before, but i just did)  I rediscovered what happens to me when i go without that particular med.  it ain't pretty.  and because the absence of that particular med in my system means that i have next to no mental acuity and way increased fatigue and confusion...well, i didn't link my off-kilter poor feeling with the absence of said med.  til tuesday morning.

d'uhm, debbie, d'uhm.

so now that i'm back on the med, more of me is here.  here i am!  ta-da!!


  1. "Ta-Da" indeed!  I used to do that too.  Ever wonder what normal people do with all their free time???  Bastards.  ;)


  2. 'normal' people ... ha!  What do you think we do?  

    Deb ... I wondered what was up ... shouldda called ya so you couldn't answer the phone.  hehehe

  3. OH THANK GAWDAH!!!!!!!!!!


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