24 June 2008


I've been very thirst for a few days.  So, I've been drinking lots and lots.  And pee'ing lots and lots, often.  Which makes doing much of anything for any amount of time extremely challenging.  Case in point, my counseling session was interrupted more often by my bladder than my pregnant consoler's.  Between the two of us, a nice little path was worn from her office, across the wooden floored waiting room, thru the tiled entrance way, and down the carpeted hall (variety, i'm allllllllll about variety).

As quick as I can pour water down my throat, it escapes thru my pores is copious sweat.  And courses thru my body and flushes my cells and filters thru my kidneys and fills my bladder.  It's like I'm one of those doll babies that wets as you give it a bottle.

ain't ya glad i share stuff like this?


  1. It's the main reason I read you!

  2. So now I know what I've been missing the past few months (winks)...at least they can't say your boring. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. Well, Miss Deb, you are, at the least, an honest poster!

  4. Are you saying your counseling session went down the toilet?  tehe!  Anne


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