26 June 2008

square it up

well, lately i've been a crocheting crochity curl.  here are a sample of the twelve inch squares that i've completed within the past week.  there are twelve of them.  altho only seven are pictured below, because i've done some duplicates of some of the ones pictured.  if you notice, fiveof them focus only on a quarter of the square.  this is to show more detail and not to be redundant since they are squares.  ya know, so each quarter of the square is the same as the other three quarters.  the one with more detail is because i wanted to show the cobbled bobbles.  There is another that was still in progress when i scanned it.


  1. They are lovely and I'm wondering ... who chooses your colors for you?  Cause you are good at 'the match up'!  

    I like the very first square the best, but then, I like a lot of detail in crochet.  Which I can't do as well as I used to since the old fingers have gotten stiff.  :(

  2. You're making me want to learn how to crochet.

  3. I bet this is very meditative.  And the significance of the number 12?  Did you join a cult??  ;)


  4. hi saw the "squares" and had to comment...good work, in the past I use to buy 100% cotten blend and make wash clothes...all my family & friends love em! I've made my own xmas tree skirt too...crocheting rocks..
    I've put you on my alerts I hope you dont mind.  Good luck on your "health" plan
    I'm trying to lose weight too...


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