08 June 2008

minty mint tea

Well, I now turn the air conditioner off, while making tea.  It seems that there is a little too much draw on the circuit and altho the breaker doesn't flip, the fridge does lose power and so to prevent that from happening, I just turn the ac off while the tea drips thru its tea pot (which is a drip coffee pot that has only ever had tea run thru it since I acquired it~~coffee drinkers who visit will find a small four cup pot for their coffee and the bigger twelve cup pot for tea tea tea!!).  I'm not exactly sure what's up with the breaker not flipping and yet the fridge losing power.  I've decided that's really not the issue, the issue is that by turning the ac off, while making tea, I can prevent myself from going thru the hassle of standing in the bathroom, moving the chair in the hall from one side of the bathroom door to the other side of the bathroom door and then squeezing into the room behind that and getting to the breaker box and then flipping all the breakers (cuz i don't know which one is the one the fridge is on) and then flipping them all on and then squeezing back into the bathroom, and moving the chair back from the other side of the bathroom door to the other side of the door and then checking to make sure that all is fine.

So, all that to say, the fridge is fine and boy am i glad!  one reason i am immensely happy is because i've been making pots of tea, pouring them into pitchers filled with ice cubes, and placing them inside the fridge because damn, it's hot.  i usually drink most of my drinks at room temp.  but! here lately i've not only been drinking my minty mint tea cold, but! also with ice, which is so utterly unlike me that my guy is sure that i am becoming more normal and less eccentric.

like that's possible.


  1. Uh. No. That is not possible.  You would then not be the Deb we know and love.

  2. Isn't it scary when normal sneaks up on us uninvited?  (shudder)



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