01 May 2008

some pix, finally posted

Brenda's wedding is Saturday, this is for the bride and groom.  This queen sized granny square is one big granny square with all the Lion's Jiffy's heather blue available and then all the sante fe available and then all the caffe available and then all the grass green available from this area's WalMarts (yes, walmartS, I bought out several stores' worth).  I then added several rows when I finished making the rounds as large as I wanted the square to be.  The added rows to the top in grass green are where the pillows would be, cuz ya know mattresses are not square.  Then I edged the it, as the one shows more prominently.

In the foreground of the other, showing the granny square on my queen bed, there is a red rose done in filet. I scanned in a red heart done in filet.  I forgot to turn the it before I uploaded it.  I'm new to filet.

 I also made a variation of a wimple with a looser collar than usual.  It's for my mom who does not like anything too tight around the neck and doesn't like anything too heavy.  So it looks fuzzy but is actually very light and notice the drape?  It flows.  I am also making my mom a shawl in this same yarn, will post pix when thru.  Thought it would be a great mom's day gift for her.

In one of the wimple pix, I am holding a red heart on a white background done in a tapestry method.  I'm new to using tapestry stitch too!  The AmaZING Miss Monica sent me a surprise package including this adorable lil dress, it is a corner bookmark.

And there was this fabulous yellow cotton dishcloth with a butterfly in the center.  You can see front and back pictured here.  Thank you AmaZING Miss Monica!


  1. Oh, how very amazing all of this is.  I USED to be a sticher and a crocheter and a needlepointer and then I got myself a couple of kids and a husband and exhaustion .... I'm trying to get back but the fingers don't work the way they used to.  Wah.

    Your work is lovely.  So is the Amazing Miss Monica's!

  2. I am IMPRESSED!  You are good.   Anne


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