22 May 2008

finally, telling it like it is

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I really don't like when folks will use fillers.  It demonstrates their vacancy of thought.  Ya know, those things like:  IC.  How can you have a meaningful conversation if one person is inanely moronic as to not be able to generate an actual thought?

I also don't particularly like the liberal usage of greatly exaggerated responses such as:  lol.  Who actually does LOL as often as they use this?  There are a handful of times in the past few years that I've actually had the reaction of bursting forth with laughter at reading someone's message.  When I do actually burst forth with burbles of laughter, I almost always describe it accurately with snickers, snorts, chuckles, chortles, or whichever is appropriate.

And do people who type that in response to their own silly selves actually find their wit is really that inspiring that they actually laugh out loud?  To me, that's the equivalence of being able to tickle yourself.  It just doesn't happen that often.

I mean, there are times when I think, "wow, that was pretty damn witty of me" but rarely do I actually burst into laughter.  Laughter is something that I think happens in response to a joyous surprise.  On unforeseen comment or event that cracks me up is worth sharing in the hopes that others will also find it funny.  Predictable humor tends to get a smile, maybe a slight sound, from me.  I do appreciate it, yes, but I don't fall all over myself, rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.

And really, who does?

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  1. I probably laugh on the inside far more often than on the outside, although Walt used to have me burst forth with coffee or water quite often.  ;)


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