30 April 2008

some stuff

i've been really tired, going to bed early, napping during the day, sleeping late.  so i've not kept up with writing here these past few days.  my friend brenda's wedding is saturday in chattanooga, and i need to stockpile some sleep for that trip too!

i'll take and post pix of the gifts i made for her and her groom and her children.

one of my meds needed adjusting, so my heart palpitations should cease as i adjust to that.

my breastest doc aspirated three interconnected cysts that formed one mass.  he was pleased and satisfied that he managed to get an astonishing amount of fluid that indicated that damn they're bigger than he thought and wahoo they were silly lil lumps that were of no consequence medically speaking as far as cancer goes and when i asked what the medical reasoning was for aspirating them, he said that it was to check for cancer and infection and also to keep them drained so that they didn't burst and cause problems.  i was too foggy to ask what sort of problems and asked what the fluid is made up of, to which he stared at me and then muttered, 'well, bodily fluid' to which i was mildly irritated but didn't press the point for two reasons, 1.  i didn't see the point in expending more energy and 2. he didn't seem to know.

i'd gotten some lovely items in the mail from a lovely lady and will scan and post or take pix and post.  later, when i'm up to fiddling with the connections and things.  must nap now.

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  1. Nap away and take good care.  Make sure that boob the breastest doc finds out just what's in that there fluid.

    If we don't chat before the wedding ... my dear, have a wonderful wonderful, wonderful time!


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