25 May 2008

...freezing? well, yes, but...

Well, Friday night, my guy missed his train.  It was a misunderstanding of parking proportions, and to make a looonger story a bit shorter, we decided to try it on Saturday night.  I drove him up to Memphis and then I drove to his place in Oxford, and am just now settling in home here in Starkville.  A four hundred mile round trip that will be repeated early Wed morning.

We enjoyed getting to spend some extra time together and it was a very nice venture altogether.  So, now that I am home, I will take a shower, after my air conditioner unfreezes.  again.  I may need to speak to my landlord because it just might be laboring too hard for the space it is to chill, and freezes too easily.  I've cleaned the filter (I'm good about that, and I dry it thoroughly before I fit it back in) so that is not the problem.  But, even tho it is warm (read "hotter than dog breath", but not as smelly ~~ thankfully, i might add), I am glad to be home.  For a couple days, anyway.

So, hope you all have had are continue to have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Well, as much of a pain as a missed train can be, you two sure knew how to make it all better!

    Freezing AC?  Me thinks the landlord needs to replace it.  Or not if he doesn't feel like it.  But I hope he does.  :)


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