23 May 2008

Baby Steps to Classiness

I've fixed myself some lovely white tea with lemon and honey and iced it down and yum, s'wunnerfullest.  sigh.  so lovely.

Earlier today, I took a can of white clam sauce and poured it out into a skillet, and let it boil.  Then I added slowly four beaten eggs.  I kept stirring it and let it cook all nice and good and then I took it off the heat to cool (and also so I could use that burner cuz it is the only one of four which is actually somewhat useful, tho not exactly very well moderated) and cooked some pasta.  After I drained it, I added the clam and egg mixture and some basil pesto and omg!  It was so good I almost forewent the fork and just buried my face right in the bowl and snorted the stuff.  And I might have if it wasn't for my resolution that I would cease doing that.  Doc's are tired of removing peas and things from my nose and I have run out of creative explanations for just how those veggies go so far up my nostrils anyway.

Baby steps to classiness, I say.

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  1. I am, honestly and truly, LOL.  Great big HAHAHAHAs!


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