20 May 2008

"It's the shoes!" (from Bird Cage)

Right, so I somehow missed that it was bedtime last night.  I was listening to the end of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" which means that I thought around disc 12 that it was nearing the end.  Oh so not even close to being the case.  There are 23 discs and you'd think that simple math would not have allowed "mid-point" to escape my attention, but yup it did so I kept listening and kept crocheting and thought, oh one more....I'm not tired...one more.  Ya know, like a page-turner.  Only this was a disc flipper.

Next thing I know, the day is beginning, the damn birds were more cheerful than any critter is spoda be at that time of the morning.  Excepting I was.  Cuz I that's what happens when I stay up and miss sleep and get into the second wind of things.  My nerves sing.  So since I was jazzed, I finished the audio book.  And finished the text book ("The Clerk's Tale", a sort of spinoff of the canterbury tales, set in the mid-1500's with a crime solving nun...which is actually very realistic cuz the author is very historically accurate and doesn't tend to exaggerate stuff...I now know more than I ever thought I would about the various Offices and Nones and prayers and rules and things...and much more than I really felt I needed to know...but it was very essential to the story lines and this is the third book I've read in the series...and since I have attempted numerous times and failed miserably to actually read Chaucer's Canterbury Tales...dude, I get too bogged down in the language and the spellings and the archaicness...I find these contemporary to the present books with now language but contemporary to the then customs and all makes for a very good read, unlike this parenthetical paragraph that is so grammatically incorrect with poor syntax and sentence fragments.  thanks for reading, grin).  And finished more blocks of the thank-you afghan I'm making for my landlady who feeds my furrbees for me whilst I am gallivanting around the mountains of Kentucky.  And then I realized, dude, you skanky.  So I took a shower and felt zestfully clean altho it was ivory, which means I was 99.4% sure to be squeaky clean and pure.  On the outside.  Cuz I didn't wash my mouth out with soap.  Never been big on that there whole concept.  Excepting the time I was really out of it and scraped my toothbrush across the top of a bar of soap ONCE.  That was the same time when I mistook aspirin for breathmints and chewed up a whole handful to get the soap taste out of my mouth.  Yeah, I was a bit feverish and was insisting on having my shoes cuz I hafta pee!  and doesn't everyone need to lace up their sneakers to make the trek to the potty in the middle of the night?!?

I had a good session today.  Guess what we talked about?  and the recommendation was to uhm, get some sleep tonight.  And I will, right after I finish scrubbing the kitchen floor with my toothbrush.  and ivory.  while listening to the audio-books i picked up from the library today.

Now where are my shoes?


  1. Forget the shoes.  And the audio books. Go to bed!  LOL

  2. I'm so impressed at your attention span and dedication.  I hope one day that you and your guy will get to visit Berea, KY.  The college is wonderful AND free. The crafts and art are gorgeous and I think you would enjoy it.  The food is great too. Ever had spoon bread?    Anne

  3. Maybe it's time to hold your nose and take a Valerian root capsule!



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