28 May 2008

sillee me needs sleep

This past week has been very odd for me.  I've become a homebody to a great extent over the recent years.  Prior to that, I was quite different, hopping in my car and zipping a few hundred miles was something I did on a daily basis.  But now?  Well, now, hobbling to my car and making a round trip of several hundred miles...well, it wears me out.

This morning, I got up at the ungodly hour of 'ishouldstillbesleepingsweetlyanddreamingsweetdreams' and put pants on and drove to Memphis which is about two hundred miles from me in Starkville.  About twenty miles out from the blue suede city streets, I contemplated ducking into a shop to grab something but decided not to chance the caffeine that is still found in decaffeinated coffee (it's decaffeinated from the caffeinated state, but by no means caffeine-free), cuz the last few times I had decaf, I sprouted multiple arms and tentacles and scared myself, innocent children, and wild feral dogs.  Instead, I pushed on to the Amtrak station and parked to wait for my guy's return from the windy city of Chicago.

We then went to Brother Juniper's which has the very best breakfast evah in Memphis.  It was our first time there, and I loved it.  Tho perhaps I should not have had the potato-based breakfast dish.  Cuz about half way home, my neck could no longer support my head and my eyes were retreating into the deep dark cavernous area just under my brain.  I felt bad about my guy having to drive the rest of the way home, but it was either that, or we were gonna have to park amongst the rigs at the nearest gas station so I could give in to the undertow of the sucking slumberous state.

When we got home, I crawled outta those pants and into my jammies and snuggled my head into my guy's shoulder and wrapped my limbs around his and drooled ceaselessly while snoring solidly.  He sweetly waited until I was so deeply drowsed that he could rearrange my person in such a way that would allow him to breathe, swallow, and otherwise continue to survive my stranglehold of 'butiloveyousoverymuch' clutch.

My guy has since brought me a sandwich, showered, and driven back to Oxford for his appts tomorrow.  He's coming back to see me on Friday so I need to get as much beauty sleep as possible.  Cuz right now, I'm scaring myself, even without the sprouting of appendages.

I hope your week has been good and continues to be so!


  1. Know the feeling well...............hope you have the sweet slumber of old dogs and children!  (There's watermelon wine in there somewhere!)   Just got back to KS. Anne

  2. Lullaby and good night go to sleep Dear Sweet Debra.

    See you in a few days.  We do want you looking gorgeous for your guy.  

  3. I was quite social a few years ago, now, yikes, I cringe if there is a knock on the door ;-0.
    Oh, I sure don't do that clutch. You are at least social in that way....


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