10 May 2008

Baby Boy Blanket

My guy's baby sister is having a baby boy, due at the end of June.  This will be her fourth child, all boys.  The oldest is nine, then 6, 2, and this one.  eeek!  This is a blanket made of seaspray, a greenish blue fluffiness very appropriate for a baby.  I just can't seem to get nice sharp clear pix with the webcam, so it is a bit fuzzier than the actual yarn is.  I started to make this last night at about nine and here it is eight in the morning, poof! done!


  1. Wow!  Speed demon you!  It's lovely.  I know because even though it is fluffy and blurry ... I've made them ... so I know it is lovely!

  2. That IS nice and fuzzy.  You're just being humble.  You make the best gosh-darned baby blankets in the world.  In fact, that's why you use your "Debra" alias here in J-Land... Because you're a world champion baby blanket maker and don't want to be overwhelmed by comments and orders.  
    Did I just spill the beans?

  3. Your hair is long!!!   Another beautiful project completed.    Anne


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