21 May 2008


gotta request for ideas and suggestions.

i've been dealing with some extreme nausea, with light sensitivity, and lying down seems to make it worse.  i sometimes will be nauseous and slightly dizzy and usually am light sensitive anyway.  but this, this is more extreme and has resulted in vomiting.  any idears?  any at all?


  1. You've been abducted by aliens.  You may be pregnant.  No need to worry, you'll never know.  They'll come and get it a week or two.
    Other than that, I'd say you're on the verge or well into even a migraine headache.

  2. It could be nothing but a migraine -- but if it keeps up then get checked out.


  3. Migrain Deb, migraine.  

    Dark room, elevated pillows, or recliner works well, icey cold cloth on forehead.  Do not move.  

    Warm gingerale and crackers so you have something to throw up when you do.

    If you can stand it, tylenol, motrin, aleve to take the edge off your nerves and relax your muscles a bit.  Won't help the pain.

    If not better in twenty four hours ... go to ED ... they'll give you a nice IV treatment or injection.  

  4. Vertigo?  Inner Ear infection?  Good grief, I hope it ends quickly.  Feel better. Anne


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