23 May 2008

Back it up

My guy is leaving on the night train from Memphis, bound for Chicago.  Sounds like a bit of a blues song or such.  I need the Pips to back me up on this. (he's leaving, {leaving} on the midnight train to georgia) and if they could so some cool synchronized dance steps that would be mahvelluminous.

Did anyone watch the season finale for American Idol Wed night?  If you did, you would have seen some great bits.  Diana Sommers, Bryan Adams, ZZ Top, Graham Nash, uhm I know I'm forgetting some others that were good (and by that I do NOT mean the Jonas Brothers, shudder, cringe).  But the funniest was Pitka (Mike Meyers) advising the Davids.  And next to that?  Gladys Knight holding auditions for the Pips...Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robt Downey, Jr.

ahhh, good stuff that.  good stuff.

So, my guy is Chicago bound (or as Robt Johnson said, "back to the land of california, to my sweet home chicago"; love the man, the music, the mood; but it speaks accurately of Mississippi's lack of educational standards, as then, as now) for the weekend and part of next week.  It's the ABA Conference, international...big BIG deal, and he is presenting.  So if any of you happen to be in Chicago and happen to have an undying interest in applied behavior analysis, and also happen to want to hear about the intervention of burnout amongst direct care staff...well, then you are indeed in luck!  Because all the stars have aligned and you yes you are in for a treat indeed!

However, if not, then no.  No you shan't be able to spend the time I cannot with my guy.  And that is a sad state of affairs.  Not that I wish my guy would have an affair.  Oh, no and far from it.  Just merely to say that it is a sad state of affairs that I shan't be spending my weekend with my guy.



  1. Let me 'wah' right along with you.  Poor baby girl.

  2. Try to have some fun with the solitude.  I guess that's easy for me to say since I never seem to find any these days.



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