27 April 2010

welcome to our home!

My friend brought her boys over, and My Jerry made chili and corn~bread {chicken nuggets for the boys}, for dinner this evening. One boy is about a year and a half and the other is about three. The three year old is such a charmer and he cracks me up with his amazing declarations that are truly heartfelt and delivered with such style and panache.

For instance, he walked into our bedroom and swept his arm wide and exclaimed with awe, "this is beautiful!"

Then he climbed on top the bed, and clicked our lil reading lamps on at the head of the bed and sat back amongst the pillows and heaved a huge sigh, as tho he were relaxing, finally.

Whatta card!

And the lil'er guy is not yet verbal much, but has no problems very clearly conveying what his own needs, wants, and opinions are.

My friend? She was just so much window~dressing. Kind of her to bring them over, eh?


  1. It was a very nice visit - and the boys were a hoot!

  2. He didn't eat chicken nuggets in your bed, did he?


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