11 April 2010

Sunday Drive

Today, my friend {oh~oh, number four!} and I met at City Bagel and had brunch. It was stellah, oh soooOOOooo good. Like good enough to make me cram all the goodness in to my mouth, down my throat, and into my belly where it set up housekeeping and made me happy while vacuuming wearing lipstick, pearls, and heels. With a coat~dress. That's how good City Bagel is. sigh.

My friend has only lived in this area for four months so I wanted to take her for a drive and show her a few things. Plus the day was perfect, weather~wise, and the wisteria is absolutely heavenly. So I pointed my lil Yaris northward and away we went!

We were chatting and so I missed the turn~off for the street that went down to the dog~park, that is behind the really nice kids' park. Since she has both, kids {one and three} and dogs {dachshunds}, I made the next turn and drove around the block. What a mistake that was!

There was a huge gully~pit from hell that surprised us both and made me remark that the seat belt locked up and I was probably gonna have a nice lil bruise on the left side of my throat. My friend was pretty surprised that my air~bags didn't deploy. But since the car seemed to drive fine, we just went on. I showed her the parks and we merrily went on our way.

Eventually we ended up at my place and when we went to leave, I looked at the front of my car and went, "wha.a.a.a.aaaaa...?" Actually, that's what my brain did. It stuttered in confusion.

My friend and I both gaped a bit. Then we began to poke and push and lift and look more closely. Apparently, the bottoming out tore the entire front end of my car down a smidgen and torqued it to the right a bit. Well, shit. sigh.

So I drove down to where My Jerry was {at the same park mentioned above} and he looked at it and ran his hand over it and poked about too. My friend, My Jerry, and I drove down to where the intersection was with the gully~pit from hell was. I parked and we got out and saw the pieces from another vehicle there. If I stood inside the gully, it's knee~deep. But from the stop~sign, you can't see the gully in the surface of the road, til you're right on top of it. It wasn't that My Jerry didn't believe me, it was just that I wanted him to see what exactly we were going on about and where exactly it was so when he contacts the city to complain, he can do so with accurate information and not just my opinion. Or my friend's opinion.

Fortunately, our insurance will cover this under collision and now we wait for the estimate from the appraiser. Geico is the best! So much for my Sunday drive!


  1. Yeah - you hope this kind of thing never happens - but thats why we pay for the insurance! Just an inconvenience.

  2. Dammit! Sorry the lovely day was spoiled/ I've lost hubcaps going over potholes before (back when cars actually had hubcaps)


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