04 April 2010

bunny trails pellets

Awesome weekend on so many fronts, in so many ways...it rocks! Since My Jerry will be blogging about a good portion, I'll defer to his future descriptions. Except to include a very minor mention here...before the pink was the purple.

Also, I wanted to post pix of what the afghan is like on the underside. As you can see, it's smoother and not quite as fractured with vines and stems and things.

My Jerry's youngest son and his wife graciously accepted this from us this weekend. I know they are moving to south Florida, yes; but I also know that in homes that are air~conditioned, sometimes the cool temps necessitate a lil sumpin~sumpin.

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  1. Oh yeah -- I love covering up with a nice blanket with the AC cranked up full blast. It's not energy efficient, but it's very nice. I indulge. ;)


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