17 April 2010


Well, for those of you who don't really know me, you might not realize that I shy away from the phone. In the not so recent past, I went for years where the ringer on my phone was in a permanent off position. I'd check voice~mail from time to time and if I absolutely had to make an out~going call, I'd have to psych myself up and give myself pep talks and even then, I'd be a complete wreck when I got off the phone.

I wasn't always like that. {I can hear my mom's thoughts right now, and they go something like this: ya got that right, pie~face!!} She could even tell who I was on the phone with, just from a moments walk~by of my end of the conversation. If I was giggling lots and not saying much, then I was on the phone with Carrie, a friend who is incredibly smart, unbelievably smart...but like most geniuses, she utterly lacked in common~sense. Why bother with the mundane when the abstract is so much more entertaining?

So just recently, within the past year, I've gotten where I can answer the ringing phone cold {that is without expecting an incoming call} and am more likely now to pick up the phone and make an out~going call than I had been. But I still prefer IM and eMail to phone calls. I can speak with a few folks on the phone, like mom, for a longer period of time. But generally, I'm not huge on idle chit~chat on the phone.

Which seems odd, given the way I can ramble on in the blog, or eMail, or IM, or in person.

My mom gave me a cell phone at Christmas cuz I am in the car lots and she felt even if I just kept it charged up and used it for cases of emergency, like being on the road, it would be a good idear to have a phone. So my brother set it up for me, cuz I'm a techno~tard and tend to do what I do well but things that I won't be doing all the time {like a one~time set~up}, I spazz on and get all d'uhm debbie, d'uhm. Ya know, sorta like the bubble~headed blonde I pretend to be most of the time becomes the actuality of the moment.

So she gives me the phone. He sets it up. And today, FOUR MONTHS later, I actually used it for the first time!!! I not only made an out~going call {most of which I couldn't hear very well cuz there was lots of noise on my end}, but I programmed in over thirty names and numbers. Cuz I thought that since I'll be traveling this summer, would help if I had the numbers at a touch for the folks in other states that I will be visiting. I even told my friend {the one from the gully~ditch/pit from last weekend} who I had called that YOU ARE THE FIRST PERSON I'VE CALLED USING MY CELL. EVER. to which she told me that I didn't need to scream cuz the mike has excellent capabilities of actually doing its job even tho it is placed somewhere near my cheekbone.

Perhaps I need to brush up on that.

The reason I couldn't hear very well was cuz I was calling from a lil restaurant right in the midst of the Cotton District Fest, and I was catching an incredibly amount of the crowd noise from outside as well as the folks who like me and My Jerry were seeking refuge from the blistering heat. Awesome fest. Lots of folks. I hope that My Jerry's oldest son, Jerry, does well today with all the sales and takes on some commissioned pieces too!!


  1. It was a good day & good weekend. Love ya!

  2. 'tech-tard' should be the new buzzword in 3,2,....

  3. So all that traveling. Does that include the Northeastern climes? At all?

    'tech-tard' is a good buzzword, much easier to spell than my tech-no-ramous of the past. Which, I am proud to say, I pretty much disqualify for now. hehe

    Miss chatting, but I'm not on aol much. Do you FaceBook? At all?

    And, uhm, call me sometime. You've got my number!


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