08 April 2010

Date Day

Our Yaris was due an oil change and My Jerry needed to drop his lil truck off at Wm Wells for some work; so My Jerry took the afternoon off and we went to take care of the vehicles as well as have lunch and listened to an awesome CD.

First, lemme say this about My Jerry's lil truck. He usually only drives it when it rains and he doesn't want to get wet riding his bike or if he is hauling something that doesn't fit into his saddle bags or back~pack. So of course the first thing that went out on his lil truck in the past year was his windshield wiper motor. sigh. So it's in the shop.

About the CD: one of the Vet students is graduating this term and she made two CDs {one rock/blues and one country} that feature Mississippi is some way or another, including a song called "Oktibbeha" {the county we live in}. She gave them to people who have helped her and made her program easier for her to complete. So Jerry's CD has nineteen songs, ranging from Black Velvet {Miles} to Black Water {Doobie Brothers} and ZZ Top, Shirl Crow, JJ Grey and MoFro, Elvis Presley, Paul Simon,Unkle Kracker, and some other real finds. Altho she missed "Starkville" by the Indigo Girls, I'm hoping that on the country cd, she picked Johnny Cash's Starkville City Jail. We'll find out, cuz she gave that country themed one to My Jerry's boss.

At any rate, we listened to it this afternoon and both of us LOVED it.

AND whilst at Toyota, waiting for them to change the oil and rotate tires and align the car; My Jerry and I browsed thru a very cool catalog called UnCommonGoods. They have a website, check it! Some stuff is just really neat, and some stuff is made of recycled stuffs, and some is touching while others are humerous. I selected a few things to picture here, including a set of yoga~position bottle~stoppers, a motorcycle gnome~be~gone lawn ornament, high~heel cake server, construction plate and utensils, and spider clock.


  1. That clock may be the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life. Ever.

  2. Yep - It was a very good day & I'm looking forward to the "Molly Ringwalds' concert tonight. (www.themollyringwalds.com)
    Love ya!


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