24 April 2010

presenting our new! improved! hah~u~jah! TeeVee

My Jerry's feeling poorly, but he will soon settle down in his recliner and watch some TV, on our new! improved! larger! model. We had a 27 inch that one day quit. It didn't so much as blow, ya know that explosive zzzap of light, as just quit. We swapped it out and replaced it with my "lil" tv, which was 20 inches. My Jerry was scowling and squinting at the screen as tho it were hiding something from him.

He kept his eye on the listserv for the vet school and aha! one day, he saw a graduating student was getting rid of their TV at the end of the semester for a very reasonable price. So My Jerry snatched it up and today, he went in to town and picked it up.

It's hah~UUUU~jah. 36 inches huge. So he made a few adjustments in the entertainment unit he built years ago, took out a board here and there to create a large enough space to accommodate this monster of a television.

And POOF! there it is, all hooked up, programmed, and now My Jerry is settled into his recliner, watching the next installment of the "bowery boys" while drinking a hot mug of lemon~ginger tea.

That Slip, he's something else!

And so is My Jerry.



  1. I love happy TV stories! :)

  2. I agree with "Toon". It was money well spent!


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