16 April 2010

current project: Freakee Fabulicious Ferah's wedding~ghan

My friend {yes, yes another one!} of ten years is getting married May first {beltane}. I'd known that she was planning to get married, but then I didn't hear anything for awhile about the wedding and I got vague responses when I did ask if she was still planning to, cuz they just weren't terribly sure financially if this was a good time to throw a bash. But all of her friends are pulling together and doing various things so even tho it is a bit of a pinch, it's a GO!! She'll be wed in a friend's beautiful estate, lovely flower garden of a wide~variety of blooms and greenery and there will be all sorts of wonderful folks and such. It's an evening affair and I think it will be very touching.

Ferah is a colorful person, joyous and vibrant. She is bold and strong and beautiful and stunning. So I decided to crochet her gift with tropical, bold, vibrant colors. Pictured here is a basket of raw materials and a smidge of the actual project draped over the chair. Hot pink, lime green, bright yellow, turqua, white, and pumpkin orange while make this a festive snuggly~cuddly! I'm using double~crochet and chain stitches only to create stripes of various widths with lil windows here and there. I'll post a pic of progress as it all comes together. Because I've got lots to do in a short period of time, I'll probably not post much in the next two weeks.


  1. You gonna need to post pics of the work in progress. Its gorgeous!


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