11 April 2010

My Jerry's sons

I was chatting with a friend {yes, a different one; that makes three now!} and describing some of My Jerry's oldest son's pottery, ceramics, and sculpture pieces. There is a Cotton District Fest next weekend, which is Bully Bash for MSU. He'll have a booth right on the main thoroughfare, so I hope he does really well with his sales and getting some more exposure.

So my friend had asked if I have any of his pieces and I said, "yep! {of course}" and so she asked to see some pix and I thought, "shit, I don't think I've taken any" and then I went thru all my digital pix and sho'nuff, 'twas the case. So today I remedied that. Here's the platter he gave us for our wedding last fall and in front of that, sits a sculpture that he gave me for Christmas. He's very versatile and hopefully I'll get some awesome pix of his booth next weekend that will show some more of his range.

See, part of the thing is that I am not huge on pix. So I don't generally remember to carry a camera and even if I did, then there's the matter of actually remembering to use it. Then when I do take pix, I tend to take them from every angle and flood the senses with that one subject.

Like when I took pix of the shadow~box that My Jerry's youngest son made for him. I had taken nine different pix of it, to show close~ups of each quarter and then the middle and then the whole thing and all that. So here is another, because earlier today, My Jerry hung it on the wall here in our breakfast nook, where my computer is and where we both spend a portion of our days.

I don't have any reason to be proud of them; it's not like I had anything to do with their achievements~so I can't claim ownership of being proud of them, but I am anyway. They are fine men and their parents raised them up right. I see My Jerry in each of them, and yet they are both two very different individuals in their own rights. And they both are stand~up guys who do what they do well!

So good on them!!


  1. Awww Sweetie! You make me blush - but I am proud of my boys!

  2. Nice work! I once took a pottery class and pretty much decided 3-D art was not my thing.


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