08 April 2010

current project: net bags

Next week is My Jerry's middle~daughter and her husband's first anniversary and since they are a groovee~kewl couple, I know they'd appreciate some reusable net product bags {that also have a myriad of other uses, like a small laundry bag for instance} and some water~bottle bags.

I made the net~bags similar to these pictured using the round Knifty~Knitter looms. The smallest ones, using the blue loom, make excellent water~bottle bags. I make them with cotton yarn and they remain light and airy and do not add to the weight nor bulk of the water~bottle. So you can tote it easily, whether hiking, biking, walking, or whatever.

The net~produce~bags will have a somewhat longer draw~string so that you can loop it over your hand, or have the option of slinging it over your shoulder or use it on a diagonal across your torso, like a traditional mail~bag. I've made a variety of these over the years, and have used them for anything that does not include sharp corners of boxes.

The Knifty~Knitter looms pictured here are available in a number of places, and online as well. I bought mine from Wal~Mart for about twelve bucks. They come in a set of four. Provo has many products, the round looms are just one set. The round looms tend to be sturdier than their long~looms, tho I love their purple rectangular loom just as much!

A couple~few years ago, my mom and I made hundreds of hats for charity. Most folks made newborn hats {using the blue loom} or small children hats {using the red loom}. But my mother figured some kids have big heads and adults need some too, so she did all her hundred+ hats using the adult loom {green}. I did some with the green loom, but most were using the yellow loom, cuz I used multiple strands of yarn and made them very thick without much stretch. Mostly I either did rimless {and let the wearer just roll up the edge to their preferences} or multi~rimmed hats with some having as few as two cuffs and as many as four on one hat {looks more like an eastern european or western asian hat}. So as you can see, there are many uses for the looms, not just hats or bags!

I'd made a bunch of wine~bottle bags at the Holiday Season to give as gifts {with or without said bottle of spirits}. The water~bottle bags are similar, but made with cotton, like the net~bags. The wine~bottle bags I made with using yarn, and more similar to the bear~bag pictured here {not mine, found online using google~images}. I will be making a bag with yarn, for their daughter, the same lil girl who was the recipient of the red~riding hood~cape of a few months back. Those yarn bags can also be used as gift bags, purses, etc. I thought that maybe the lil girl would like one that she can call her own and since the welding matters to her too, that she too should have a lil sumpin'~sumpin'. Besides I hate mailing a package without including sumpin for her too!

I may take some pictures before I box the bags up to send out to Portland; if so, then I'll post them, of course!


  1. I like the bear bag. Maybe you could make weirder versions of that (one eye, tongue hanging out, head wound). I've always though dark humor and knitting went well together! Who's with me? :)

  2. Aahhhh! My CCQ, you are one "crafty" lady! Love ya!


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