30 March 2006


Today, I went to the gym with trepidition.  My shoulders (in the front, the area between where my arm joins my torso and my collar bone) are very sore from the water-workout Tuesday night with Cory.  But then I thought, well, go and if the weights are too much, put em down and do the workout without them.

So I slipped into my swim suitee and climbed into the pool.  I stretched and got ready for the water-workout.  Cory wasn't there today, but Elizabeth came and she was enthusiastic.  A good instructor, but not intent on pushing us to the max (which was a good thing, cuz we were all spaghetti-arms).

Glad I went.

I weighed myself.  215 pounds!!  And that was in the evening.  So in the AM, I probably weigh even less.  So, I lost 20 pounds in less than 3 months!

Cool, huh?

I caught myself from going to celebrate with ice-cream.  sigh.  Some habits die hard.  But, I came home, sans ice-cream and had some tea instead.  yea for me!


  1. that's great weight loss! glad you celebrated with tea and not ice cream!


  2. Wow Way to go you!!! What a great feeling you must have had.




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