23 March 2006

Dude! the day in review, thus far...

So this AM, I had an appt with the Dr.  8:40 is way too early for me to be out driving, apparently the county-road-folks thought so too, cuz I almost did not get there due to some road work of the rarest variety.  In fact, only on this farm in Mississippi would you see such a sight!

First, I had to drive around the idle road-grader.  That's not too uncommon.  We have the road re-graded often during the spring.  Heavy rains make the dirt and gravel rut and pile.  Not a good thing.  Course then, when is rutting and piling ever a good thing?  Getcher minds outta the gutter, folks!  You know who you are, don't be making me name names now.

Then, I had to drive around the fence.  The new fence that my landlords just put in a couple weeks back, replaces the old gate they tore down, which seemed pointless to me, cuz the fence is not there for any functional reason, just asthetics.  So as I drove around the new white fence, I glanced over to see why in the world we have three earth-moving machines clustered at the entrance.

They were removing the cattle-gap!!  (gasp)  And after I came back from the Drs, the road was all fixed and smoothed and no bumply gap to drive over anymore.  This is a really big deal.  See, for those of you who are city-slickers, a cattle-gap is sort of a gate in the surface of the road.  It was made of rails (like those for the rail-road, rail-way, trains).  Its function normally is to keep cattle on the property.  Cuz, dumb as cows are, they are smart enough to think, "hey, if I try to cross that, my hoof could get caught in the gaps between them there metal things, and say! I could break my leg and then have to be put down (shudder)".

Thing is, this farm gave up on the dairy business years and years back.  Now we just raise hay, hell, and kids.  So, the county-road-folks came out today and removed the grating from the road.  Big improvement.  It's almost like we are now joined with the rest of the county, instead of being The Farm on which the road peters out.

Ok, so that's the big farm excitement...

The nurse at the Drs, (and really where else would the nurse be in the capacity of a nurse?) told me to "hop up on the scales."  So I did.  I hopped all the way across the room.  She cracked up laughing.  That's my good deed for the day, making the nurse laugh.  Gosh that feels good.

Great news!!  I weigh 220!!  I lost all the weight I had gained in the past year.  The last time I weighed 220ish was March 05.  Wootee-woot!

Then I went to the library.  Has anyone read Bill Crider?  This is an author whose books I checked out today.  I've never read his stuff before, so I'll give it a go.

It's cold, windy, and I'm gonna go burrow under my covers with "A Time for Hanging".  Shaddow and Ziggee will probably curl up and keep me company.  Later, we might all take a nap.

Well, that's it for the exciting day, dude!


  1. *blush*    
    Have fun

  2. I'm a city slicker living in Montana so I know what a cattle grate is. Congrats on losing the weight you had lost :)



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