10 March 2006

Doggie Situation

Well, one of the minor things that I've been trying to deal with is that I am beginning to hate my home.  Why?  Cuz it doesn't feel like home.

A few months ago, I took up the rugs and piled them in my bedroom.  Mostly cuz Ace (my boston terrier) has a spastic colon and went indiscriminantly here and there.  His pooh even blended in with the tan and beige in the patterns in my mostly maroon and green rugs.

I got tired of cleaning the rugs, so I took them up.  However, my house started to smell.  I would clean up the messes and tried to air out the place but it didn't seem to help so much.

All the rain led to wet dog smell and mud tracked throughout.  I began to realize that I was not spending the time or giving the attention that my three pups deserved.  So I decided to see if I couldn't place the two little ones.

Shaddow is MY baby.  She is the best, most laid-back, easy to care for, low maintenance (like me!) dog ever.  She's sweet and gentle.  And I've had her since she was 2 months and she is now 4 and a half years old.  So, I am keeping her.

Ziggee is the rat-cha.  I thought I found him a home.  He has been staying with my friend for a week now.  But she has fibro and may not keep him as she find it hard to take him on his walks at times.  So, I may have to find another home for him.

Ace is my Boston Terrier.  A few potential placements fell through.  So today, I thought I was going to surrender him to the human society.

But as I pulled up, a volunteer was speechless.  She was delighted with Ace.  She took him.  I gave her my number and all sorts of info about Ace.

So, even though I didn't want to give my pups away, they deserve more love and attention than I can give right now.  It is times like this that I think that I wouldn't be able to be a mom, if I can't even take care of the pups properly.

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  1. you made the right decision to find the puppies another place to live. I think that was awesome. You could have abandon them on the side of the road like so many do, but you took the time to find another place for them, even the animal shelter.

    that was good!



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