17 March 2006

snippittee, i do it well

I'd say in honor of St. Pat's day that I turned the journal green, but that'd be a bald-faced lie.  Instead, I turned green, but not in honor of St. Pat's day.  Lemmee explain...

I've not been dealing well with stress lately, not even a smidgeon.  So, last night, while attempting to relax at a local coffee/bakery, I went into overdrive.  Lemmee explain...

Shortly before closing time, early, ya know, spring break hours (don't ask, I too would have thought they'd be open later, but alas, no); a police car with flashing lights (did I mention strobe lights can cause seizure-like activity in me?  no?  well, yet another factoid for ya to store away) zipped into the parking lot.  Lemme explain...

Seems some dork called in a bomb threat to the neighboring Pizza Hut (what the fuss?!?).  So the police, ambulance, fire dept, EMTs, and miscellaneous other folks that were terribly excited flocked to the scene of the potential problem.  So, we all were evacuated.

After packing my computer in my car, I called the two young employees over to me (further away from the alleged bomb-site).  I asked if either had cell phones.  They both eagerly produced them.  I said that although I didn't see media, that did not mean much, and just on the off-chance that the news flashed this sensational event across the air-waves, perhaps the kids should call their folks.

Then, call the owners of the store.  No one knew their number.  I, however, being the handy-dandy person I am, produced a phone book (doesn't everyone carry on around in the trunk of their car?  no?  well, yet another factoid to store in yer heads).  The owners' line was busy (probably on the web, dial-up, no other option when you live on cow poke road, I guess).

However, the excitement seemed to be dying down, folks were either re-entering the stores or driving off to spread the excitement of the evening.  I went back in with the kids, and helped to straighten some of the mess of the mad dash to exit.  I offered to stay til the owners did show (by now they reached them).  They assured me that they were ok, plus the owners were on their way, and the girl's daddy showed up to calm her (it was her first bomb-threat).

I drove to my friend's house because I had called her to let her know that I was OK (cuz it is, after all, all about me) and to let her know that thebomb-threat seemed to be just that, a threat.  I got to her place and checked my voice-mail, cuz I had signed off IMs rather abruptly with two friends, who do know my number, as we were friends in actuality before the virtual connection was made.  That's when my head began to throb moreso, my heart began to race, my skin got all sweaty and slick, and I got so dizzy that passing out seemed like a good option (but I never seem to be able to do that).  Lemmee explain.

See, I've been having a run-around-about with the propane folks.  Mostly miscommunication, nothing that cannot be fixed.  But I'm just so sick of dealing with this shit.  And there was a message on the voice-mail pertaining to that whole SNAFU.

Then, I tried to make an outgoing long distance call on my friend's line, but I had forgotten that her land-line is local only.  Silly me.  And I really wanted to call Scott, my security-blanket...I mean, my boyfriend.  She was using her cell.

No problem, I thought, I'd sit and wait.  When she came in the room, she looked at me and got very concerned.  I never had a full-blown panic attack around her before.  It's not pretty to witness.  At least I wasn't mumbling mantras to myself (sometimes I do that to calm the inner-me), that woulda scared the holy-bejesus outta her.

No, instead she thought I was having a heart-attack, cuz I was pale, sweating, jittery, breathing rapidly and shallow, and not very coherent.  Plus to there was the racing pulse, contracted eyes, and general weakness.  My jaw did hurt, but that was tension, and in my state I was not thinking too clearly so missed the connection as to why she was asking (sillee me).

At least she did not call the ambulance (they could have responded really really quickly, they were only down the road a mile or so, at the bomb-threat scene).  That would have heightened my panic.  She did remember that I sometimes have panic attacks and cleared the couch so I could sprawl.  She got me a blanket.  She talked to me.  She turned out the lights.

I went to sleep.  That's one of the best things to do when I am coming out of a panic attack.  I am very tired, drained.  And driving is not a good option at a time like that.  I know this from past experience, but that's another story.

I woke just before 4am.  Decided that I ought to get home while I can.  I wrote a note, headed home, climbed in the shower, dressed in my guy's pjs (when in a pinch, take comfort where ya can), took some meds, and decided that since my brain was racing along, I'd post an entry.

So, how was your evening?

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  1. my evening was nothing like yours; wow! so glad you were prepared with a phone book and took the time to help those that needed help



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