10 March 2006

home, sweet home?

So, I am hoping to reclaim my home.  I live in a single-wide, older trailer.  It is not the ideal place to house 3 dogs.  I am hoping that now I will have just Shaddow.  She sheds enough for all the dogs I'd ever want, but other than that, she is very low-maintenance.

I need to scrub all my floors, moving the furniture to do so.  I'm thinking of it as the most thurough spring cleaning I plan to do.  I washed all my curtains and drapes.  I need to rehang them.

I also need to clean all of my rugs, completely.  A good beating and sweeping is called for.  Then too, I need to do something with the one that I haven't washed yet.  Using my own washing machine is not the answer.  Perhaps I can take it to the laundromat and load it up in the big ol industrial frontloader.

I don't think that I will get to it all this week, but this month would be nice.  I also need to get going through all the NAMI stuff that's been piled up and get to work with the whole promoting the support groups.  Next Saturday, I'm doing a presentation.

Then, maybe my home will feel more like home.  Maybe then I will enjoy being there.  Maybe then I can live in my home and feel like it truly is home.

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  1. It will be a wonderful place to live once you get it cleaned this month! Just think how nice it will smell!



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