20 March 2006


April brings two things that are connected in my life.

One is that three years ago, in April, my life took a drastic turn.  That was when I took medical leave from the PhD program.  That was when the mental illnesses broke through the last of my defenses.  That was the beginning of the summer spent in purgatory.

This April brings the restart of the NAMI support group meetings.  I'm facilitating one per month per town.  That is a huge change from what I had been doing!!

So, starting Thursday 13th April, NAMI Support Group Meetings will meet in Columbus and Starkville on the second Thursday of every month.  Columbus will meet at 10a til 11:30a.  Starkville will meet at 1pm until 2:30pm.

If there is a demand for more, down the road, then someone else can go through the training and step up to the plate and shoulder some of the responsibility.  I'm going to watch my own limits closer and make sure I don't skate on the thin ice of burn out again.  I cannot afford that, especially with these sorts of disorders affecting me.


  1. seems like a good slow start; wishing you much success in being a facilitator for such a needed service


  2. Atta Girl!  I am smilin' at your face that sits in my window, right now.



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