16 March 2006

a bit spotty, eh?

I haven't been journalling with any regularity lately.  There's just so much that's up in the air.  Quite a bit of it is more personal than not.  But, an update on the dog situation...

The saga continues...(much eyebrow wriggling)...I know all you are waiting with baited breath (which is much better than dog breath) for the next issue, tune in tomorrow and hear Ziggee attempting to howl with the big dogs.

Actually, ya don't even have to wait.  Anymore, I mean.  Ya waited long enough.

Cuz I know how your lives just cannot go on one more night without knowing.

So here's the latest...

Ace is settled nicely into his new home.  Yea!

The woman who had Ziggee for a week, couldn't keep him, her fibro makes it hard to walk him and such.  She cried when he left.  She spoiled him rotten in just that one week.

But he's a charmer, so spoiling him is not hard.

My friend who works with NAMI at the home office in Jackson has a 3yr old male chihuahua.  She is looking for a second to keep him company.  Ziggee is 3 yrs old next month, a male, and a rat terrier (feist) and chihuahua blend.  So he is perfect for this situation.  My friend is all excited and she is coming up to meet him at the end of the month.  It'll be infatuation at first charmin' butt wag!


  1. that is good news that Ace is liking his new home; hope Ziggee's new digs go just as well :)


  2. crossing my fingers XXXXXXXX

    andi  :)


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