16 March 2006

oh, and...

So, Saturday, before Ziggee came home on Sunday; I got down on the hands and knees and scrubbed the kitchen, living room, and hallway floors.  I moved all the furniture.  I went through an entire bottle of Pine-Sol.  I went through countless buckets of water.

That floor looks good!!

And then I hung all the freshly laundered drapes.

And all the rugs are out, hanging over the fence, airing.  Maybe it will rain on them.  Maybe I'll be able to do some sort of shampoo job on them, I don't know.

I do have all the NAMI stuff spread out in the office.  SO that is the next thing to be tackled, along with laundry, the bathroom floor, the bedroom floor...

And my toilet now flushes properly.  No more sticking my hand in the tank to flip the plunger around.  Gee, and THAT was sooo much fun.


  1. that was a lot of work you did! I always like using Pine-Sol; makes everything smell clean.


  2. WOW...good for you, girl!


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