29 March 2006

Weight!! I'm swimming, here!

I don't know if I told ya, but I'm taking swimming lessons.  I got the back strokes down pat (cuz I'm good on my back, doncha know) but the front stuff which involves that tricky act of breathing throws me for a loop.  AJ says that I'm getting it.  I think I am.  But dudes!  35 is a weird age to be learning to breath...

Also, I now weigh less than 220.  Omigawd!!  I am sooooo thrilled.  fer sure.

I really am.  I weigh somewhere between 217 and 219.  I think perhaps by the end of the week, I might hit 215.  Perhaps.  Especially if I don't go holding my breath.

Oh!  and I am a few steps closer to the whole "forgive/discharge the student loan" business.  Yea!!

So, what's new with you?  How about You?  and what about YOU?


  1. that is awesome that you are out there taking swimming lessons and losing weight! Keep up the good work :)


  2. way to go, girl!



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