18 March 2006

It's the little things...

My phone finally quit working.  It took lots of abuse a few years ago.  So, I'm not surprised when the 3, 6, and 9 keys were no longer registering.

So, I bought a new phone.  It was less than 10 bucks, but has all the features I'd use.  Cool, huh?

My old vinyl table-clothe that was on my huge kitchen-table which is actually used as my office table and holds all my electronic stuffs; well, that old vinyl thing was ripped, shedded, tore...had seen its last days.  So whilst gandering at phones, I detoured through the table-clothe isle.  I found hunter-green and white checkered cotton clothes.  But, I didn't think to measure the table.  So I bought two, for 10 bucks for both.  Once I got home and unfolded one, I realized that one was large enough for the big ole table.  So, I left the other one folded and draped it on my real kitchen-table, which I actually use for a kitchen-table, in my kitchen.

So, the kitchen looks some spruced up.  I also threw away the old towel that I was using under my stainless-steel dish-drainer and put a nice fresh white cotton one under there.  And I placed a hunter-green pine-scented candle-in-a-jar on the green and white checkered clothe on the kitchen-table.

Details, details, details.

The kitchen just feels so much more comfortable.

In the office, I took out all the NAMI stuff and stacked it in a corner in the living room.  Then I took the study rug out and draped it over the fence with the other rugs.  I'll get to them eventually.  I filed all my paperwork, put away all my books, rearranged my medicine shelf, and swept the floor.

The study is now nice and neat.  The phone looks good on the clutterless table, which is covered in the green and white cotton clothe.  So ya might say it all looks spiffy, even.

I did a few loads of laundry.  Hung a new hunter green shower liner behind the curtain.  The bathroom has a fresh feel as well.

So basically, it's just my bedroom which needs a quick tossing.  The rugs need cleaning.  I need to paw through the NAMI stuff.

But I am making tons of progress.  Cuz it's the little things that all add up.

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  1. its true, the little things do add up; seems like you are making great progress



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