02 April 2006

Spring has Sprung

Now that the clocks have been adjusted and we are starting Daylight Savings Time, we are THAT much closer to saying "b'bye" to the bad weather, namely cool temps.  And ready to say "heya" to other forms of bad weather, namely tornadoes and rain rain rain (with wind, oh, could be those are hurricanes).  This is tornado season (the fall is hurricane season).

The pollen is coating all with thick heavy greenish yellow (or yellowish green, either way, it's disturbingly similar to hhhhhhhhhhhhhhawktue mucus).  People are sadly mistaken if they think that rain helps to dampen and therefore calms pollen so that allergy sufferers get a break after a storm.  Not so.  That same storm that leaves your yard looking tossed to the winds, that same storm that leaves the road scattered with debris like branches and the occassional tree-limb, that same storm that makes your hair feel electrified, that same storm that made your livestocks' eyes roll widely is the same storm that wrecks havoc on pollen, stirring it up and pushing it into crevices and other supposedly airtight vaccuums.  Rains actually cause pollen to be more apt to be breathed into the body, irritating the sinuses and lung-lining.  This in turn can make mildly mannered folks turn into savage snotty beasts.

But gosh the budding trees, bloomin' flowers, and lush green grass are sure purty!

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  1. isn't it neat to have spring in the air; light longer at night; plants blooming. Enjoy it all



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