28 July 2005

Wed cont'd

My guy had called.  His truck was in need of repair.  Great need.

The AC went out.  His brakes were going out.  And what is that bing, gurgle, bing sound??

So I drove up to his place after some heavy duty nappage.

We went to the garage.  Then went to a local sorta-deli.  It's a soup/salad/sandwich place but with a twist.  Hard to describe much more than that.

So today, Thursday, my guy gives his final!!!  Yea!!!!  finally!!  this was such the suck-ass experience for him.  I felt just awful for him.  I wanted to tell him you'll get used to having part of the class failing, no matter what.  But in the ten years I've taught college courses, I've discovered that even if you give them the exact questions prior to the test, there are some folks who are still gonna fail.  Ya can take in to the bank.


  1. YOU got that ONE right!!!   Anne

  2. Thats so true, some of them just aren't going to study.  Of course that has never been the case with ME.  *ahem



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