21 July 2005

Don't phunk w/my mind

Long story, somewhat shorter.

Last week, I had an online chat with a technical customer service rep from GATEWAY.  She told that I would be receiving a replacement keyboard.  She said that I would not be charged unless I failed to return the damaged keyboard.  She said that all the information and instructions regarding both the installation of the keyboard and the return of the damaged keyboard would be included with the new keyboard.

I know this because not only do I remember our chat.  But I saved it.  Smart girl, I can sometimes be (as yoda would say).

Ok, so I get the keyboard.  No instructions.  No problem.  I download installation of replacement keyboard and print instructions for ease of access while replacing said keyboard.  I call GATEWAY and speak with a customer service representative regarding returning the damaged keyboard.

She tells me how to return it.  I write everything down.  I write very very slowly.  It's a problem I have always had.  (That's why I type so often, and use my keyboard, thus wearing it out, hello!!)  I repeat everything back to her so that I can verify that I have written everything correctly.

She tells me that I needn't be so concerned because the information she is giving me will be emailed to me in about five minutes.  She also tells me that my account has already been charged and will be reimbursed upon receipt of damaged keyboard.  This concerns me greatly as it is so not what I was already told by a representative.

I know this because not only do I remember the conversation; but, I wrote everything down.  Wise woman, I can sometimes be (as yoda might say).

So, Tuesday evening, my keyboard is replaced (yea!! Victor!!   Yea!  GATEWAY).  Wed.  damaged keyboard is returned (yea!!  FED-EX!!  Yea!!).

UMmmmmmmmmmmm, Thursday, oh about 36 hrs after telephone conversation in which I was told that I would receive information via email within 5 minutes (hm, 5 minutes, mmm 36 hrs....seeing a problem here?) I finally receive email from GATEWAY telling how to return keyboard I have returned already.

So, I replied.  I pointed out that this was extremely untimely.  I pointed out the troubling inconsistency of the information regarding billing of account.

Also, I wrote that I hope that the rest of the transaction (meaning reimbursement) will progress smoothing and in a timely manner.  This is particularly because their conduct has not been very promising.  Also because the account being affected is my guy's debit/checking acct.  Don't phunk with my guy's accnt, when it comes to my matters.

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