18 July 2005

Panic Attacks

Around 7pm, I checked my snail mail.  There was an envelope full of Medicare stuff.  I receive Medicaid.  I freaked.

See, as mentioned in an earlier entry, last year here in Mississippi, the legislators decided that folks that receive both medicare and medicaid don't need medicaid and so those folks lost medicaid benefits.  So, I'll look some stuff up now.  I'll look some stuff up tomorrow.  I'll make phone calls.  I will try to deal with this as best I can. 

With a lil help from my friends.  Thanks Anne, Dan, and Scott.  It meant lots to me that you'll stayed online while I went on my roller-coaster ride for one.  whew.

So now, I am very afraid.  A little more clear-headed then an hour ago when I began to hyperventilate, sweat, get chills, blurred vision, heart rate tripled (at least that's what it felt like).  That's what panic is like for me.  Oh, throw in some tears, a hurting head, and the inability to form cohesive thoughts and you're a little closer to the target.  Ok, actually, if you can imagine an overwhelming need to flee that'll just about do it.

There is nowhere to run to, baby.

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  1. Some people get used to roller coasters, but I, too, get sick!  The good news is you won't stay on the roller coaster and the ride ends.  phewwww!  Anne


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