16 July 2005

A common complaint

undergraduate student:
    You mean, I was supposed to buy the textbook?

    Yes.  Reading it would have been the next step.

    But since I didn't read the book, can't you let me take a make-up?

    No.  That would be grossly unfair to the students who read the syllabus, bought and read the textbook, attended class, and followed the instructions.

    but, this is soooooooooooooo stupid.  I mean this course isn't even all that important to me.

    Then neither will the failing grade you've earned seem important.

    stk (this sound is accompanied with a roll of the eyes, a glare, a flip of the hair, a stomp of the foot, and/or a slam of the office door)

**A side note:  I really like it when the student tries to slam a pneumatic door.  Hey, I take my chucks where I can get them.

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