04 July 2005

No sleeping with the Fishes allowed

I don't run with wolves; I sleep with my dogs.


Blog + Congestion = Blah


Ya know, sometimes my life and its events may seem boring to others...but then again, that's not really my problem, now is it?  I am not owning THAT problem, I got enough that are legitimately mine in the first place without going around looking for problems.  So if this isn't your cup of tea today, move on.  It could be my life and its events are never your cup of tea, because you cannot abide by the stuff.  If so, that's fine.  There are other fishes in the sea, blogs to read, move along.

Having said all that, I'm ready to resume my post.  Whew.  (don't go twisting MY panties in a wad, she mutters as she shleps off)

My brain has been swirling with activity one hour and then frizzled into exhaustion the next.  At which time, I climb aboard my newly acquired second-hand queen bed and set sail for oblivion.  The dogs usually climb up after I have arranged myself just so.

I love my slumber.  Especially deep restful sleep that revitalizes all the spaces deep in my soul and psyche.  Even if I have troubled dreams, even if I awake as exhausted as before I dropped into the realm of subconsciousness...even then, I welcome sleep.

That is because I know what it is like for me to not sleep.  I am not speaking of your late night/early morning "burning the candle at both ends" shortage of sleep.  I mean the extended periods of about 72 hours or more with no rest, let alone sleep.

I am not an intern.  I am not attempting residency.  I am not participating in extended marathons requiring alertness.

In fact, I strive to maintain healthy sleep hygiene.  Admittedly, sometimes I fail miserably at that, setting of a nasty cycle of events that could quickly escalate into hypermania.  This is not pretty to witness.  It is not pleasant to experience.  It is something to avoid at nearly all costs.

Having said that, I know that sometimes lose of sleep and disturbance in sleep routines cannot be avoided.  I just try to minimize that sort of occurance as much as I can.  That really is all I can do.

Adequate, quality sleep is a must for everyone.  If you yourself are not getting the sleep you need, please do yourself (and every one else around you) a favor and work towards setting a better schedule, creating a more conducive environment, and achieving the sleep you deserve.  This message has been brought to you by the letter "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz".

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  1. Love your humor....wrapped around the truth. Sleep is so important and those of us who have experienced a chronic problem understand what you are talking about. So, enjoy your zzzzzzzzzzzzz's.   Anne


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